Engineering & Project & Construction Management

Trident Environmental & Engineering, Inc. is a specialized consulting firm providing design, CADD services, project and construction management, and environmental services.

Engineering For Facilities

  • Gas & Liquid Pipelines and Facilities
  • Aboveground storage tanks for fuel dispensing and stand-by emergency generators.
  • Cathodic Protection and AC Mitigation
  • Foundations and Anchors
  • Process Engineering
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facilities (compressed air, lifts, water,anti-freeze, windshield washing and vacuum cleaning piping).
  • Vehicle Wash Facilities and Wastewater Treatment

Construction and Project Managment

  • Cost Engineering/Estimating
  • Bid Package Preparation/Change Order Assistance
  • Bid Package Preparation/Change Order Assistance
  • Procurement/Source Inspection
  • Planning/Scheduling
  • Constructability/Peer Review

Corrosion Engineering

With our diverse and expert knowledge base, we are easily able to provide turnkey project solutions from start to finish: design, materials, installation, final testing and report writing. We will investigate corroded or failed structures, thoroughly investigate pipelines to determine viable cathodic protection options, test for Electrical Continuity, Current Requirement, and Video Probe, as required. Most importantly, we will consider all options for Optimum Corrosion Control and Protection Methodology and Technique.

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